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President  — David E. Carroll, Ph.D.

President Elect — Dorothy Richardson

Vice President — Walt James

Secretary — Louise Lewis

Treasurer — Lynn LaFoy

Assistant Treasurer — Marion Bryant

Historian – Carole Carroll

Immediate Past President — Frances Martin

Parliamentarian — Margaret Skelton (Not Pictured)

Activate Advocacy Network SB409 will impact your DB plan tax exemption

Members, we have been watching at the State House for a bill that could remove your retirement check from tax exemption status. Well the bill has been filed on Thursday by Senator Bill Hightower, District 35 (Mobile). SB409 calls for the creation of a Simplified Flat Tax of 2.4 percent of your income with no exemptions. If this bill were to pass, the voters of Alabama would have to vote on it to repeal Amendment 25 of the Constitution of Alabama.

We cannot allow this bill to pass. It is going to take the action of all our members making calls to their Senator beginning this weekend. Remember when we contact them we are professional, courteous and a constituent with a problem. Please state to your Senator that you are calling in regards to “SB409 and express the problem with this bill is as a retiree on a limited budget without the ability to go back to work the financial impact would be detrimental for you.” Urge them to find a solution that does not put the burden on retirees with a defined benefit plan. This exemption has been in place since World War II.

Committee Chair: Trip Pittman Vice Chair: Rusty Glover

Members: Gerald Allen; Slade Blackwell; Paul Bussman; Gerald Dial; Vivian Figures; Jimmy Holley; Del Marsh; Arthur Orr; Hank Sanders; Harri Anne Smith; roger Smitherman; Jabo Waggoner, and Tom Whatley.

If your Senator is not listed above, contact them to have a conversation about the pitfalls of this bill. We want the Senators to come in on Tuesday and engage in dialogue about the downfalls of SB409 that places a financial burden on retirees including public education, state employees, military, federal employees and many others who received a defined benefit check each month. Remember the legislators are all home for the weekend and will not return to Montgomery until Tuesday. ACT NOW!

Consider this bill an attack on your pension! Act today. Get your local unit members calling and let’s work to stop this bill from passing.


Sen. Pittman

Sen. Glover

Sen. Dial

Sen. Figures

Sen. Holley
Check in local listing

Sen. Allen

Sen. Blackwell

Sen. Bussman

Sen. Marsh

Sen. Orr

Sen. Ross

Sen. Sanders

Sen. Smith
Check in local listing

Sen. Smitherman
Check in local listing

Sen. Waggoner

Sen. Whatley
Check in local listing


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